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From a “reader”:

I was really dissapointed with your blog, it rambled and seemed to do an HRC on Obama, ie throw the kitchen sink at him to see what negative idea sticks.  It seems like after 500 years of having blackmen at the bottom of the totem pole, you would think whites would be glad to see one rise to the top instead of “inuendoing him to death” with half thought through phrases of HRC vintage.  I guess this is the best you can do since it is apparent you are not comfortable with him making such progress in this typically white dominated field.  You are acting like the shortsighted writers who mocked Jackie Robinson when he joined the major leagues and while everyone else was playing baseball, he was playing something else.  Keep it up, elightened America if there can be such a thing in spite of dooms day writers like you will eventually accept “the first one”  I know it is hard to see this Tiger Woods of politics bust the records and give the people (all of them) hope.  Are you insinuating he is a demogogue or that his supporters are dumb cattle?  Why were the Italians and Germans susceptible to charismatic leaders?  when has getting people to take their government back become a bad thing.  Read the constitution and Declaration of Independence  I am sure you consider your self a progressive thinker, but in reality your musings are like HRC’s arguments of the past generation.   Good luck, keep throwing gasoline and matches.  Do you then on the other hand support the racist and bigoted remarks being made by clinton and Mcain surrogates ?                                                                         


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