Liberal Fascism

My First Pro-Nazi Criticism

Fascinating email:

1) The pre-war opponents of FDR never recanted their beliefin continental self-defense. The “isolationist” smear like the Communist-originated “appeasement” at Munich and”McCarthyism” were invented by the Left to discredit theirrational positions.2) Barry Goldwater NEVER apologized for his proper voteagainst the statist public accomodations and FEPC sectionsof the 1964 Civil Rights Act AND the entire conservative movementwas with him at the time.3) McCarthy was right in all of his claims, see the new M. StantonEvans documenting this at length.4) The Nazis were vehemently anti-abortion and anti-homosexuality.Himmler was in charge of one agency that opposed both.5) The “holocaust” is a lie unto its very name, the Jews of Europedid not die by a great fire or conflagration. Maybe 1-2 million at mostdied of typhus in the last two years of the war in the camps andsome by shooting by the Einsatzgruppen on the eastern front.Nowhere near six million died nor were there any gas chambersfor human extermination nor was there a centrally planned conspiracyto exterminate Europe’s Jews. Anne Frank was real but the “diary”is a fake. See works by Arthur Butz, Germar Rudolph, Walter Sanning,Carlo Mattogno, Paul Rassinier, Jurgen Gras, Robert Faurisson andseveral others. They don’t imprison Flat Earthers. And speaking ofanti-fascism I don’t recall reading your denunciations of these outrages.6) Hermann Rauschning’ s books are frauds as most historians recognizenowadays including Nolte, Irving and others. The Randian Leonard Peikoffmade an ass of himself in The Ominous Parallels by relying on such sourceseven though much of his underlying Objectivist critique of pragmatism iscorrect AND TO WHICH SUBJECT YOU BRING NOTHING NEW. AynRand’s lecture The Fascist New Frontier documented this when you wereshitting your dirty diapers.7) The real explanations of fascism by the Israeli historian Zeev Sternhell in severalbooks plus the work of A. James Gregor at UC-Berkeley and LawerenceDennis’s works said all that needs to be said on the subject, it was neitherleft nor right. As far as the psychobabble ad hominems on Hitler please spare us the Jewish tribal bullshit. His foreign policy was rational to thecore as A.J.P. Taylor demonstrated in The Origins Of The Second WorldWar and not different in principle from Weimar EXCEPT Hitler was moreflexible on Alscae-Lorraine and the Polish Corridor than Weimar.8) Israel is an absolute racist-fascist state as its basic laws of returnand land laws prove. Even inside the Green Line and much worse inthe Occupied Territories.8) Your Mom Lucienne is a lying GOP party hack, her trying to frameClinton with that phony Linda Tripp BS proves that. Read David Gordon’sreview of Liberal Fascism at’s much more to say but your a lightweight and the book will soonbe forgotten.


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