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A Nice Email

From a long time reader:


If I could wax nostalgic for a moment (even though I’m two years younger than you), I remember stumbling on a G-File for the first time in 1999. The quote that did if for me was, “Let’s be honest, Al Gore probably isn’t a robot.” I’ve read you religiously ever since. Now you’re a New York Times #1 bestselling author! (It’s like saying I saw Lebron James play in the ‘7 and under’ YMCA Youth League…okay, maybe that’s a bit too much hyperbole.)

I just finished the book. It’s a tour de force and everyone knows it. (That’s why the Left is caterwauling. They know the party’s over.) When you first announced the subject all those years ago, I thought, “Oh. That’s…interesting. Why doesn’t he write a book length G-File? It would totally sell a ton.” Instead, you’ve written a brilliant, hyper-intellectual yet accessible book correcting a historical fraud (sadly, sans women’s prison movie humor) AND you’ve sold a ton! You, Jonah Goldberg, are a Super Genius.

I’m sure the Hop Bird is busting with pride!

Me: As today is my Dad’s birthday, I like to think so.

Second, thanks so much to my most loyal readers who’ve — despite their grave disappointment that I wrote a serious book — have stuck with me. It means a lot to me. Really.

Also, for those loyal readers who are interested, my hope (if not quite yet a plan) is to do some kind of writing collection + fresh-material super-G-File which will hopefully be some fun to read, but also useful for killing small rabid mammals that emerge suddenly from the toilet bowl.


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