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Noah And the Whopper of the Week

I still haven’t read the Noah review yet, I’ve just been too busy and I know the second I read it, I’ll have to carve out time to respond because I’ll be so annoyed. I will definitely get around to it tonight or tomorrow. Anyway, I thought this was an amusing email from a reader:

Hey Jonah,

I looked at that review by Tim Noah you linked. It’s about as awful as I would expect from Noah. But one thing in particular nagged my memory. In the beginning he poo-poos the very idea that leftists would call conservatives “fascist”. I remembered him writing a piece on the occasion of the WSJ’s editorial page head Robert Bartley’s retirement and I remember him comparing Bartley to Franco. I did some searching, and guess what? I was right.

“But on June 5, Bartley launched a new column called “Thinking Things Over” . . . with some gassy reminiscences about the Iowa boy with big dreams . . . and ended up just a bit to the right of Generalissimo Francisco Franco (or, as he puts it, a neoconservative for whom “the prefix did not fit”).”

Tim Noah, June 6, 2000

Noah used to write a piece called “Whopper of the Week” in which he accused (mostly) various conservatives of lying. I suggest you send this to him as a nominee for the feature. I could do it, but he would just ignore me. It would be great taunting if you did it.

Also, I found his assertion that it is common knowledge that progressives loved themselves some fascism to be just bizarre. Does he think Hillary Clinton was intentionally trying to associate herself with fascism when she called herself a “progressive”? He is so desperate to deny you any credit that he has to claim all the things he can’t refute aren’t novel or interesting.

Anyway, this is already too much effort on Noah, who is a ridiculous hack.


P.S. I haven’t bought your book yet, but I will, eventually. Honest.


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