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Not Frustrating At All

From a reader:

I just went to the three main central / north dallas Barnes & Noble stores and did not find your book stocked in any of the three. Snarky little employees acted as if they had never heard of it when asked. One looked it up on computer and said yep, I see it on the list but nope, we don’t have it, showing not the slightest interest in the fact I was seeking to buy the book. I vented my displeasure – in a nice, polite, but unmistakable way – noting each of the several current leftist books they had out on display. Asking about their censorship and fairness and balance policies, I got the reaction of a wilted, left-wing turnip.   Went to Borders. No problem. They had several copies prominently displayed in the new releases shelves.   Although I can’t say B&N as a whole are deliberately shunning your book based on today’s experience, it certainly wasn’t encouraging to me as a shopper. My bookstore preference has now been appropriately adjusted.   Can’t wait to dive into the book myself after reviews I’ve read.   Regards (to you and your mom!) and best wishes on sales of an important book, Chris [Name withheld] (multiple daily Corner and NR/NRO reader/visitor)


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