Liberal Fascism

Not a Love Story

From a reader:



I was sitting at the bar in the Bering Sea Saloon on Front Street in Nome, Alaska during this last years Iditarod Sled Dog Race.  A nice looking red headed woman came in and sit down the bar from me.  The bartender (that I know) served her and asked her where she was from.  She was from New York City and was in Nome to write a book on dogs and was looking to do research on the old history of the area and wanted to know if the bartender knew of anyone to talk to.  The bartender pointed down the bar at me and told her I have been mining in the Candle area for 30 years.  She came down the bar and introduced herself and told me the same story and we started to have a conversation.  Being a political junky I soon turned the conversation to politics.  After a while she said I was well versed and wanted to know how someone that lives out in the middle of no where can be current on the issues.  I said “when you don’t have TV, radio, etc you read a lot”.  So she asked “ What book are you reading now?”  I told her Jonah Goldberg’s new book Liberal Fascism.  She got a blank look on her face got off her stool and said “you must be a radical” and then left the bar.

Jonah, I learned never talk politics or say the word Fascism on your first date…ha…..ken

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