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Now for the Rest

So yesterday I did the Daily Show and Hannity & Colmes.  As expected the response from John Stewart on air was a lot less warm than the response from him in the green room. Maybe I’ve got a platonic Brokeback Mountain thing going in that I just can’t quit liking the guy, no matter how shabbily the edit job turned out to be (or how silly the interview itself was). 

I got similar treatment from Alan Colmes. He played his role to a T and I hardly expected better from him. Lots of interrupting, obsession with the cover and things he’d read on blogs without reading the book. But his job in large part is to annoy viewers and he succeeds.

Anyway, it’s another grueling day and I’m working on only a couple hours sleep. So substantive posts will be few and far between today. Mostly it’ll be a mailbag day. 


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