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Obama & Religion Cont’d

From a reader:


Now this is a phrase I don’t use in general public, but Obama’s talk 

of making a “new creation” and his treatment by Oprah as “the one” 

would qualify him as an anti-Christ, at least if you use a translation 

of anti- from the Greek to mean “as if” or “in place of,” 

“substitute.”  This is the translation a number of Eastern Orthodox 

priests use (I’m EO) when they refer to certain pursuits in life as 

“anti-Christic.”  Just to be clear, I certainly don’t think Obama is 

the Devil.

I can’t stand seeing Christianity used on the political stump, and 

Mike Huckabee bothers me almost as much as Obama (perhaps more, I 

don’t know him well enough).  That said, no Christian who understands 

anything about his faith would ever suggest that any of us men can 

make a  “new creation” the way Obama did in one speech (I can’t 

remember the exact words, but he clearly borrowed his language from 

the New Testament).

I would just say there’s a huge difference between believing that God 

sent you to be his President (Pat Robertson, maybe Huckabee), or using 

Christian language to promote yourself as a kind of Christ (Obama), 

and a President who is also a Christian (Bush or Reagan).  If Bush has 

put thing in the terms you describe (I don’t know), then you are 

certainly right about a line being crossed.  But its one thing to say 

it’s America’s role versus saying its America’s Christian 

responsibility, which would be way off base.


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