Liberal Fascism

Oshinsky, So Far

From a reader:

When I read the review (before I read the book) I did not understand

why you were so upset with the NYT review.  Mildly negative, but it

essentially conceded what I took to be one of your main points (that

using the term “fascist” as a routine term for US conservatives makes

no historical sense) in the first paragraph.  Now that I’m half way

through the book (damned day job) I can see why you felt the way you

did.  You have to assume that someone is going to have good arguments

against any substantive criticism of the Wilson and FDR

administrations delivered in less than 50 pages.   For Oshinsky to

fail to engage these points at all is insulting.  I’m glad the book

is selling so well, both for your sake and because it may force some

more substantive responses from the left.

I have some other comments in mind, but I’ll leave them until I finish.


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