Liberal Fascism

Quote of the Day

From a reader:


Been reading your book.  Not every liberal disagrees with your thesis.

Time’s Joe Klein hilariously makes your point about the fascist underpinnings of modern liberal aspirations.

He castigates the Democratic presidential candidates for their unimaginative proposals to combat looming recession:

“Creative would have been to announce a Great American Renewal, to announce — for starters — that we’re going to attack the looming recession by unleashing an army of unemployed construction and manufacturing laborers to insulate every public building in America, replace every incandescent light bulb, rebuild the rail system for high-speed travel and start building solar and wind farms to provide electricity for our military installations and every other federal building. Or whatever. But something big, something that recognizes that the word United, which appears prominently in the name of our country, is probably the biggest Democratic idea of all.”

That’s it…Let’s form an army to attack something big…or whatever.

Great book, btw.



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