Liberal Fascism

Re: Time & Joe Klein

From a reader:


Haven’t bought your book yet, but I will very soon. I have, however, been reading your blog religiously and am so excited that someone finally wrote a book about what I have believed for a long time. Something about conservatives being fascists just never seemed to jive with me. It REALLY didn’t fit after reading “The Road to Serfdom” and seeing it on almost every major conservatives reading list.

Anyway, liked your post about Joe Klein but I think you could have buried the lead. Mr. Klein calls the Democratic Party “the party of national unity” while calling Republicans the “party of individual freedom”. To my mind he just agreed with your premise. I’m sure he loved your book too.

Keep up the good work.

Me: Well, Sidney Blumenthal did say Bill Clinton’s signature accomplishment — or words to that effect — were ushering in an age of “one-nation politics.”


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