Liberal Fascism

Romantic LF

From a reader:

Hi Mr. Goldberg,

My fiancé and I are slowly making our way through Liberal Fascism…slowly not because of disinterest, but because we’re taking turns reading aloud and discussing your points. I’m delighted by the book thus far (we’re to the Great Society) and your points have actually given me an excuse to go back and reread bits of Locke, Rousseau, Hobbes, and Hume. Perhaps your publicists could sell the idea that LF can keep relationships interesting!

Accolades aside, I do have one serious question about a point that keeps coming up in LF which I don’t feel you’ve fully expounded upon:  the link between Romanticism and fascism.  By about halfway through LF, you’ve mentioned Romanticism twice,  but never really connected the two ideas. I’m assuming that your argument is that the ideology of Rousseau was rooted in Romantic theory, and from Rousseau flowed the idea of the God-state. I’m also assuming that you argue fascism’s nationalistic roots have some basis in Romanticism. However, I don’t really like assuming too much about your argument, and I would appreciate if you would flesh out this part a bit more when you get an opportunity (since you have so much free time and all).

No trouble buying LF here in Alabama…even in a college town….we found it in the New Releases section a couple of weeks ago.


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