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Second Most Worst Person in the World

That’s me according to Olbermann last night. You know how I know? Exactly one e-mail came in to tell me (at least as far as I can tell so far). And it’s from the kind of high caliber Olbermann viewer you suspected was out there:

Hey “Jonathan,” you old gasbag.  How the hell are ya?  Looks like fell from first place to second on Countdown tonight, apparently unable to define fascism, a concept as intellectually and morally bankrupt as you, yet beyond the ability of your simple mind to understand.  List to it all right here, Jonathan, you complete zero.  I do miss our repartee, mostly because it is so much fun to play with people like you, so stupid that they do not understand just how stupid they are.  Love and kisses ya big ape (and I’m not exaggerating here).  [Name withheld]

PS.  For context, I have included our discussion from the day last October when you “won,” loser that you are.

And here’s the email this modern day Cato sent me last time (or at least this is the one he attached to the above e-mail, I don’t remember it):

Jonah Goldberg, the great oracle of gasbaggery (a term you employ ad nauseum as convincing evidence of your manifestly limited command of the English language), you finally have finished tops at something other than being the first faux-human able to talk (in your own utterly contemptible, insipid, prattling way) with both feet in his mouth and his head up his … well, you get the idea.Jonah Goldberg. Today’s “WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD” according to Mr. Keith Olbermann, a man so far above you intellectually as to call into question whether your brain functions above the medulla oblongata.  It appears that it does not.Well done, Jonah Goldberg, today’s WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD, you finally have received recognition of the only kind of which you are worthy.  Carry it with pride, little man, as it is the most genuine and sincere compliment that you ever will be paid.You can cower beneath your rock and ignore me (patriotism being the last refuge of scoundrels such as you) or volley forth with your usual ad hominem stridence, but it is you, Jonah Goldberg, not I, who earned that glorious title, published in truth before the entire nation:  Jonah Goldberg, today’s WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD.  It has such a nice ring to it.  Well done, son.Ah, the joys of Schadenfreude;  this time, Jonah, at your expense, instead at the expense of all others whom you so freely attack.Of course, you likely don’t even understand this, but you do the best you can with what you have.  Have a good evening, won’t you?


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