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Socialism in One State = Guess What?

From a reader:

Mr. Goldberg,

With regards to your Nazism vs. Communism post – the first time I saw an intellectual (for lack of a better word) connection between the two was when I read about Stalin’s and Bukharin’s phrase “Socialism in One Country.” I immediately thought “national socialist” the first time I saw that phrase. It can easily look like scoring rhetorical points (“look, communists are nazis!”), but the similarity in the two phrases is striking. Some leftists do say Stalinism is a corruption of socialism. However, even if they disavow Stalin, what is the real difference between national socialism and international socialism, other than a geographical one? Russian socialism abroad was still Russian socialism, whether Lenin, Stalin, Kruschev, or Brezhnev, etc. were at the helm of the state.


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