Liberal Fascism

Socialism’s Free Pass, Cont’d

From a reader:

I think the real reason why communism gets a free pass due to that old adage, “winners write the history.”

Hitler lost big time.  Stalin and Mao won, in the sense that they did not pay for their crimes on earth, and their empire did not collapse after their death.  (Yes, I know communism has fallen in Russia, but it took thirty years and a lot of lives and money for it to fall). 

After WWII, we had tons of records, photos and movies of the concentration camps.   Compare that to the forced famine of the Ukraine.  How many movies do we have of staving Ukrainians?   How many photos?   How many heart-wrench interviews of survivors of gulags vs. concentration camps?  After the war, the allies release for the public the horrors of the Final Solution.   We haven’t seen anything of that scale released by Russia, if it still exists.

I could go on and on, but you get the idea.

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