Liberal Fascism

Stop Whining

I get a couple emails like this every day:

Mr. Goldberg: Given the generally desultory reviews of your latest tome by reviewers across a wide spectrum of political thought, is it not possible you simply wrote a bad book? You’d hardly be alone. Most books are bad, but few authors spend as much time fretting about how they’re being reviewed as you. Why should you care if reviewers from both the left and right are trashing your work? You’re making money, right? Ann Coulter doesn’t go boo-hooing over the reactions to her “books” because she’s laughing all the way to the bank. It’s time for you to man up and quit worrying about the reception your book has received. Cash the checks and quit whining.

Me: Right. It’s a book blog about a book. A book I’m proud to have written. A book I think is very good (and quite a few folks agree with me so far) which has often generated some very bad — and I don’t mean critical — reviews. But what an odd complaint. If not here, where? If not me, who? Moreover, I would guess that I let about 98% of the critical reviews and comments sail on by with little or no comment. Usually, this silence results in other boorish emailers complaining that I’m not responding enough. It seems I cannot win. So I’ll just keep doing the best I can, when I can.


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