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From a reader:

Hi Jonah,

In light of Rich Lowry’s note on the ‘Runway for Change Inaugural Collection,” how about starting a “Gleichschaltung Watch” thread on your “Liberal Fascism” blog.

By the way, I just finished your book, which I very much enjoyed. As a historian working mainly from 1890-1945, I thought your chapters on WWI and the New Deal were spot on, and very provocative. If I have time, I’m considering assigning at least the chapter on Wilson to my 1890-1945 class this semester. There were two books, though, that I was shocked not to see in the footnotes: Michael Willrich, City of Courts: Socializing Justice in Progressive Era Chicago, which is the best history of the relationship between Progressive Era social control jurisprudence and eugenics, and Theda Skocpol, Protecting Soldiers and Mothers, on maternalism in the development of social welfare policy. If you know the books, sorry for the redundancy; their arguments tie in well with both your historical and contemporary analysis.

All the best,

[Name withheld]

If you post any of this, no names please.

Me: Hmmm, I knew about Skocpol’s book, though I’ve only skimmed it. I didn’t know about Willrich. Wish I had. Oh and the reader’s referring to post by Byron, not Rich.  In addition to that, I’d add this piece by Jay Nordlinger to the “Gleichshaltung Watch”


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