Liberal Fascism

Tomasky on LF

I haven’t read it yet (I just got an email about it 2 minutes ago). I kind of like Tomasky, though he often seems to be undergoing some internal turmoil  about deciding whether he’s movement guy or intellectual truth-teller guy. Movement guy is a bit of a vicious enforcer. Intellectual truth-teller guy is often interesting. A friend sent this quote from the review, which leads me to think he’s leaning toward movement guy, at least when he writes: 

So I can report with a clear conscience that Liberal Fascism is one of the most tedious and inane–and ultimately self-negating–books that I have ever read.

Maybe he makes a great case, but informing us about his conscience sounds like the kind of thing a guy who’s actually wrestling with his conscience tends to do. As for it being tedious, maybe for him it is. But, I’m hardly alone in disagreeing. As for it being inane? Feh. 

Anyway, I’ll read it and have more thoughts when I can.  


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