Liberal Fascism

Trouble In Canada

Argh, sigh, argh:

Mr. Goldberg:

Who is marketing your book?

One has to wait 3 to 6 weeks to get a copy of Liberal Fascism at

In Canada, the major (almost a monopoly) book chain Indigo/Chapters do not have copies in stock.  (They have mulitiple copies each, mind you, of the latest leftist-liberal “best sellers.”)  I (here in southwestern Ontario) and other friends I have corresponded with from Toronto to Vancouver are unable to find copies of Liberal Fascism in Canadian book stores.  Out of stock on ChaptersOnline too.  And  This is alarming!  Frustrating!  Scandalous!

Looking forward — desperately! – to getting a copy of Liberal Fascism and reading it with much pleasure.


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