Liberal Fascism

Vegas, Baby

From a reader:


My daughter Margaret is in Las Vegas for a trade show, and she sent me this:

“I went to the bookstore at Mandalay Bay.  They had the Times bestseller table.  Liberal Fascism was listed at number 1, but I didn’t see it.  I asked for it, tho.  He says, I have it (while looking rather upset).  Then he goes on–I apologize, but I have been reading it since it is the only copy in the valley.  I couldn’t find it at Borders or B&N.  I hid it so no one would find it and I could finish it, but if you want it, sure I will sell it to you.

I told him I would be nice and not deprive him of the copy, and that you would be sending me yours.  We had a nice chat about it. 

So you gotta tell Jonah!  The kid was a Dem, and he said he changed his mind after reading most of the book.  You finished with your copy yet???”

I thought you might appreciate the info—


[Name withheld] 


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