Liberal Fascism

What Did I Expect

One reader, speaking for many:

Dear Jonah,   Your book is great — I found it on a table ‘way in the back of a nearby Barnes & Noble and used a Christmas gift card from my niece to purchase it!  (At a Borders I frequent, it was missing for a long time but finally showed up a couple of days ago on the “bargain” table).   I have read Tomasky’s review of your book, as well as others, including the New York Times’s, and my comment is simply “what did you expect?”  Since when was a review by a liberal of a conservative book anything but one long, feverish scream?  I honestly think you have wasted time “defending” your wonderful book against attacks by the likes of Tomasky that might’ve been better spent just dispensing more of your indispensable wit and wisdom.   Your book stands as a stunning indictment of liberalism, it speaks for itself, and it needs no further explanation, let alone defense.  (By the way, I had read the amazing “Leftism Revisited” by Max von Kuehnelt-Liddihn some years ago, and your take on essentially the same subject is an easier read and unencumbered with the baggage of simultaneously endorsing monarchy).   Congratulations on a tour de force and may you now return to enlightening and entertaining your readers instead of food-fighting with your critics, all of whom are surely lesser lights than yourself. 



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