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The White Man…

From a reader:


I want to buy your book, but I am studying for the Bar exam and lack the discipline to set it aside until the end of February.  Although, if I knew my sale would cause the New York Times to have to review it, then I would buy it now.

Anyways, I came across this in the Washington Times this morning.

The article is about how father figures in televison shows and advertising depict fathers as bumbling goofs.  I used to refer to tv ads as “white men acting stupid.”  Once one sees this, its impossible to avert your eyes from it.  I guess if Peter Griffin and Homer Simpson are complete bafoons, then its only the white-male patriarchial old boys club that allows them to provide for themselves in spite of their bufoonery.  (I believe Frank “Grimey” Grimes pointed out the divergance between Homer’s ability and success.)

Also, I remember after the 1994 election, all the talk was of the “angy white male” as some sort of unwelcome force in politics, but maybe that’s in the book.

I can’t find a link to it, but I remember reading (many, many years ago) Friends star Lisa Kudrow’s comments in an interview, complaining that all of the interesting roles in Hollywood were for white men, because they are the only characters allowed to have actual flaws. Women and minorities were always saints.  


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