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From Within The Belly of the Beast

From a reader:

Mr. Goldberg:

I’ve been enjoying my role as the black sheep, working part-time at a

large Barnes and Noble in the Midwest while going to school. It

really is great “working around all those books,” but other perks

include the many opportunities to throw my wrench into typical B&N

chatter and other bouts of contrarianism. I thought you’d enjoy a

brief history of LF in my store:

– Before publication, we had about 20 copies pre-ordered for customers

and one (heh) for the shelf.

– For two weeks we constantly had about 15 on order and possibly one

on the shelf.

– My first request to shortlist 10 copies to stay in the store (with

“#1 on Amazon” being the reason) was truncated to 5.

– Since then, the five shortlisted copies have been in two promotional

“displays” when not hidden or exhausted; the current placement is in

an octagon fixture in the aisle, not facing the entrance and

practically on the floor. In other words, nearly impossible to find.

(Chris Hedges’ book on the other hand…) I quite enjoy telling the

customer where the “thought squad” has placed his book and then

hashing over it afterwards.

– Looks like your book is hitting in-store best-seller status this

week for the first time. Look for in-store B&N sales to jump a bit,

as this is a pretty hard spot to manipulate.

I’d also like to offer my condolences to you and the entire NR family

for the passing of Mr. Buckley. May we continue learning from his

dedication to God and country.

Best of Luck!

Yours Faithfully,

A. Bookseller

Update: Meanwhile, my Airpower Guy has a less frustrating report:

The Barnes and Noble in Marina del Rey is displaying the book prominently (stacked 5 high with the top one on a stand allowing the book cover to be seen from several feet away).

FWIW, both the Captains I’ve flown with this week have bought the book there after our discussing it on the leg out from Memphis.

You’re welcome,


P.S. I don’t know if this BaN is an anomaly or not. I honestly don’t know what the political “ambience” in Marina del Rey is, but I doubt it’s as conservative as me or the guys I’ve flown with recently.


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