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Worst Person in the World

FYI, last night Keith Olbermann ran a clip from the Glenn Beck series and dubbed me the Worst Person in the World for it. Here’s the relevant part from the transcript:

But our winner, Jonah Goldberg, the guy who thinks fascists were leftists and socialists — even though the founders of fascism used to try to beat socialists to death on the streets in Italy. He`s still obsessed with this topic and he still doesn`t know anything about it. Quote, “I think one of the things that is decidedly fascistic or at least just a bad idea is looking for silver bullets. You know, when Barack Obama campaigns, he`s basically saying I`m a silver bullet, I`m going to solve all your problems just by electing me. FDR, Hitler, all these guys, they basically said all your problems can be solved.”

So he just compared Obama and Franklin Roosevelt to Hitler. What was this Republican thing about not wandering off into psychosis when targeting Senator Obama? Jonah “I`ll compare anybody to Hitler” Goldberg, today`s worst person in the world!

Keith Olbermann is, of course, not really worth taking seriously. But you’ve got to love the staggering ignorance behind his continued insistence that fascists weren’t socialists because they beat other socialists to death. Golly. How many socialists did Stalin kill? Pretty much all of the show trial victims weren’t mere socialists but hardcore Communists. I guess Stalin was anti-Communist.  Hitler’s Night of the Long Knives involved the slaughter of Nazis, so I guess by Olbermann’s logic Hitler was anti-Nazi.  Most lefties can’t stand Joe Lieberman, I guess they’re anti-Democrat.


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