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Yglesias Gives It A Try

Matt Yglesias tries a serious critique, or so several emailers tell me. I haven’t read it yet (just the beginning where he starts with the usual arrogant snarkiness, or is that snarky arrogance?). But I will read the whole thing and respond as I think warranted when I can. I have train ride up to New York in the morning which might give me a chance to pen something longish, if that’s called for — and I hope it is.

Update: Oh. Sorry. It’s not very serious at all. I just read it. And the serious critique I looked for, poked up from behind a hill for about a paragraph and then vanished behind a lot of typical party line lefty blogger catch phrases (Republican noise machine, blah blah blah). Now, of course, he’s very serious (Matt has been particularly pissy towards me since I wrote this column) and his animus is showing. But this, like so much of what Matt writes, sounds authoritative because he’s good at asserting things authoritatively and dismissively. Anyway, I’ve got a schedule conflict right now. But when I get a couple minutes, I’ll respond. Frankly, I’m very disappointed it isn’t the serious critique he advertises.


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