Magazine October 20, 2008, Issue

Transcript: Hardball on MSNBC, with hosts Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews

(Carlo Allegri/Reuters)

Airdate: Sept. 30, 2009

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SFX theme: “He Lifts Us All Up to Face the Glorious Future”

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Welcome, everyone, to today’s edition of Hardball. My co-host as always is the dedicated and loyal party leader Keith Olbermann. Keith, good evening!

KEITH OLBERMANN: Smash the reactionary forces of opposition!

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Thank you, Keith, for that inspiring reading of Our Wonderful One’s message of the day. Truly, we are blessed to have such a far-seeing Leader. But let’s get started. Today, House Republicans again voted against one of His progressive plans to lead us all into a more glorious future. All six House

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