Magazine October 20, 2008, Issue

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(Roman Genn)

• Cheer up! Things could get much worse.

• The financial blizzard and the first debate have lit up the presidential candidates like flares. John McCain is a man of the Senate, proud of its friendships, and reveling in the free hand that senators are given. He uses his stature to express the same nature he showed as a Navy pilot: aggressive, risk-taking, self-directed. Barack Obama is professorial, and writerly; he intellectualizes problems, the better to distance himself from them. Because he is eloquent, Americans have been slow to appreciate his un­derlying stance, though they may be starting to. We have put both

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If you’re the sort of filmgoer who thinks of the Coen brothers as American cinema’s most nihilistic, misanthropic double threat, you’ll find vindication aplenty in Burn after ...



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