Magazine December 1, 2008, Issue

Sarah Resartus

Gov. Sarah Palin waves to the crowd during a rally to re-elect incumbent U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) (L) in Duluth, Georgia, December 1, 2008. (Tami Chappell/Reuters)
Tailoring Palin for the future

These are the things that can be said, with some degree of certainty, about the candidacy of Sarah Palin for vice president of the United States. First, that picking her as his running mate was the only thing John McCain did all year that shifted, however temporarily, an unfavorable electoral landscape to his favor. Second, that she gave one of the most successful debut speeches of any candidate for national office in American history, followed by one of the most disastrous prime-time interviews. Third, that the Gibson/Couric debacles, the broader hostility to her candidacy among the chattering classes, and the

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