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Transcript: Larry King Live! January 12, 2012

Republican presidential candidates Sen. John McCain (left) and Texas Governor George W. Bush (right) make points to moderator Larry King (center) as Alan Keyes (partially obscured) looks on during a televised Republican presidential debate on CNN network in Columbia, February 15, 2000. (Pool photo/Reuters)

LARRY KING: Tomorrow night! The cast of High School Musical One meets the cast of High School Musical Eighteen! From Baton Rouge, hello!

CALLER: Hi, Larry. I was wondering if your guest ever feels lonely?

LARRY KING: How about it? Is it lonely rattling around the Capitol Building over there? Empty chairs and meeting rooms and whatnot?

CONGRESSMAN SMITH: Well, sure, Larry, it’s weird. I mean, look, when I was first elected to Congress, I just sort of expected that there would be, you know, other Republicans around.

LARRY KING: Right. Two-party system. That whole bit.

CONGRESSMAN SMITH: Right. And then it was the ’08 election

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