Magazine December 29, 2008, Issue

A Properly Powerful Executive

President George W. Bush stands with Vice President Richard Cheney in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building on the White House complex in Washington, D.C., November 22, 2005. (Larry Downing/Reuters)
Bush has done a solid job of safeguarding presidential prerogatives

How fares the constitutional presidency after eight years of George W. Bush? Bloodied but unbowed, I think. Over two terms notable for overheated partisan fears and attacks on the president’s use of the Constitution’s executive power, the Bush administration has made some ill-considered tactical choices and suffered some setbacks, but by and large has vigorously and successfully defended the constitutional boundaries of the office.

From the beginning, President Bush appeared to understand the constitutional basis of his authority. After a 537-vote victory in Florida gave him a just-enough 271 electoral votes, Bush entered on the duties of his office with a

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The Week

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