Magazine December 29, 2008, Issue

Diplomatic Health

Frank Gonzalez (R), holds up a sign at a protest in Miami, January 20, 2005, to memorialize American soldiers who have died in Iraq. (STR New/Reuters)
On Bush, our alliances, and varied perceptions

If there’s one thing everyone knows, it’s this: America’s alliances are in tatters and the American image abroad is terrible. George W. Bush has eschewed diplomacy and sacrificed the good name of the United States. Our alliances, our image, and our name need to be “restored.”

When President-elect Obama chose Hillary Clinton as secretary of state, she vowed to “reach out to the world again.” Obama spoke of his “commitment to renew American diplomacy and restore our alliances.” Bill Clinton chimed in that his wife was “the right person for the job of helping to restore America’s image abroad.” And Democrats

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Never Give In

The British media now and again run polls to ask who are the greatest Englishmen of all time, and Winston Churchill invariably comes out on top.

His Uncle’s Son

Lessons from My Uncle James provides real-world examples of how bedrock civilizing principles are passed on — or, as James Louis himself might put it, how a boy is raised ...


The Week

The Week

Hillary Clinton paid $36 million for her Senate seat, but Obama’s was on the market for a mere $150,000.


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