Magazine December 29, 2008, Issue

The Biden Family Wishes You and Yours A Very Merry Holiday Season!

Former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden depart after a pre-inauguration church service in Washington, D.C., January 18, 2009. (Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)

Dear Friends and Family:

Well, I guess it’s been a pretty eventful year for the Biden Family! As most of you know, I was on the short list for the Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of my tireless work toward achieving a safe, lasting partition of what was once known as Iraq.

Wait a second here. Get a hold of yourself, Joe! You know me: old motormouth! Getting myself into trouble again with my straight talk! Let me rephrase that.

Dear Friends and Family:

In 1984, as many of you know, I was diagnosed with a rare hair disease. And I’m proud to say

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Never Give In

The British media now and again run polls to ask who are the greatest Englishmen of all time, and Winston Churchill invariably comes out on top.

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Lessons from My Uncle James provides real-world examples of how bedrock civilizing principles are passed on — or, as James Louis himself might put it, how a boy is raised ...


The Week

The Week

Hillary Clinton paid $36 million for her Senate seat, but Obama’s was on the market for a mere $150,000.


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