Magazine December 29, 2008, Issue

The Cold Eye

Portrait of H. L. Mencken by Carl Van Vechten. Gift, Carl Van Vechten Estate. (Library of Congress)
John Derbyshire says we need a little Mencken

Pres. George W. Bush would “like to be a president [known] as somebody who liberated 50 million people and helped achieve peace,” it says here. Well, that’s nice. I don’t recall either of my votes for the gentleman having been cast with that in, or anywhere near, my mind, but I won’t begrudge the departing president such consolations as he can find. Meanwhile my investments are down 35 percent from last year-end, a friend has just lost his business and had to put his house up for sale, and a Democrat steeped in crackpot college radicalism is heading to the

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Never Give In

The British media now and again run polls to ask who are the greatest Englishmen of all time, and Winston Churchill invariably comes out on top.

His Uncle’s Son

Lessons from My Uncle James provides real-world examples of how bedrock civilizing principles are passed on — or, as James Louis himself might put it, how a boy is raised ...


The Week

The Week

Hillary Clinton paid $36 million for her Senate seat, but Obama’s was on the market for a mere $150,000.


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