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And Global Warming Too!

A Chevron gas station in Burbank, Calif., July 31, 2009 (Fred Prouser/Reuters)
Sorry, a gas tax won’t solve all our problems

The last several weeks have seen the emergence of a surprising phenomenon: conservative magazines and websites’ promoting the idea of raising gas taxes. The theory is that if fuel becomes more expensive, we will use less of it, thereby reducing funding for hostile regimes, stimulating the development of new non-carbon technologies, and ameliorating global warming. This is said to be politically feasible right now because consumers have been habituated to $4-per-gallon gas, and the price has collapsed to about $1.65. Slapping on an extra dollar of tax would put the price at $2.65, which would have been a sensational bargain

Jim Manzi is CEO of Applied Predictive Technologies (APT), an applied artificial intelligence software company.

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