Magazine January 26, 2009, Issue

Transcript: Larry King Live, January 16, 2010

(Ho New/Reuters)

Larry King: Tomorrow night! The whole hour! The cast of Hogan’s Heroes talks about the Holocaust! From Hilversum, Illinois! Hello!

Caller: Hi, Larry. Hi, Mr. Madoff.

Bernard Madoff: Hi.

Larry King: Do you have a question for Bernie? Can I call you Bernie, by the way? I feel like I know you for some reason.

Bernard Madoff: Of course, Larry. I like to keep things casual.

Larry King: What’s your question, caller?

Caller: I’d like to know if Mr. Madoff has any hot stock picks for the coming year.

Larry King: What about it, Bernie? Troubled times! Markets in an uproar! What’s hot? What’s not? Where do we …

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