Magazine February 9, 2009, Issue

Federal Roadblocks

A sign announces a section of road work funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act economic stimulus plan in the Denver area September 10, 2009. (Rick Wilking/Reuters)
A saner regulatory regime would help us update our transportation infrastructure

As part of his stimulus plan — which in total adds up to nearly $1 trillion — President Obama has proposed investing $85 billion in the nation’s infrastructure.

Many have asked: Why not spend more in this area? U.S. infrastructure is under severe stress, with highways congested and roads and bridges in need of repair, and Obama’s planned investments will hardly make a dent in the problem. The U.S. will need to spend $225 billion annually for a half century to “upgrade our existing transportation network . . . [and build] more advanced facilities,” according to the government’s National Surface Transportation

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