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Someone HELP! this Child

I am so sad that HELP! is a casualty of your superb new format. My ten-year old son adores HELP!, and it has been a springboard for our discussions of current events for several years.

He read the table of contents for your last issue in disbelief, asked “Mom! Where’s HELP!?” and then determinedly and futilely leafed through the issue page by page before slumping, resigned, at the kitchen table. Pretty dramatic, no? This is a kid who grabs NR out of the mail pile before I even know it’s there.

If there is no hope for HELP! then alas, we shall have to adapt to Change.

Susan Gibbs de San Martin

Croton-on-Hudson, N.Y.

The Editors Reply: Can’t you just give him Burke instead?

Looking Good

The first thing I noticed about your January 26 issue was the new design. It’s very clean and airy. I like it very much. It’s a nice platform for the great artwork you often run, but it doesn’t detract from your editorial content. I also like the way the section heads and icons break out of the rules. Even a “Burkean” change makes a big difference.

Your staff did a great job. As an old magazine art director myself, I know how hard it is to do a redesign, especially of an established “brand” (sorry, I’ve had too many marketing guys in my past) like National Review.

Roger Dowd

Goshen, N.Y.

Loyal Republicans

In Conrad Black’s review of H. W. Brands’s book on Franklin D. Roosevelt (“The Old New Deal,” December 15), Black states that in the Spanish Civil War “most Americans favored the Spanish Republicans, but most American Roman Catholics . . . supported the Spanish Loyalists.”

In fact, Republicans and Loyalists were one and the same; both terms were used for supporters of the left-wing Spanish government. Franco’s supporters were called the Nationalists.

M. Lester O’Shea

Walnut Creek, Calif.

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Someone HELP! this Child I am so sad that HELP! is a casualty of your superb new format. My ten-year old son adores HELP!, and it has been a springboard for ...
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