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Prime Minister Obama

Back during the election campaign, I was on the radio and a caller demanded to know what I made of the persistent rumor that Barack Obama was born in Kenya. ...

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Pumping Up Joe

Here’s how I handle a crying baby: I unwrap it a bit — babies always seem too tightly swaddled, in my opinion — and then I take it outside, into ...


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Rocky Ride

The day before Barack Obama accepted the Democratic nomination at Invesco Field in Denver, a group of progressive activists gathered nearby to discuss what Democrats call the “Colorado miracle.” The ...

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Why Do They Fight?

A thoughtful former infantry officer, David Kilcullen is respected in military circles: He knows his way around a battlefield, and wrote his Ph.D. thesis on insurgency in Indonesia. This is, ...
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The Way We Live Now

Last year, Kay Hymowitz published two essays in City Journal, the Manhattan Institute’s fine quarterly, on dating and the modern twentysomething male. The first was a critique of the culture ...
City Desk

Duty Dance

Although it is not full day, the day has begun. The sun is up, life stirs. The Watchers line the way. None of us can remember a time when they ...
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Shelf Life

The transformation of the judiciary into an activist legislator of social change has been one of the most remarked-upon — and, among conservatives, decried — political developments of the past ...


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At These Costs Richard Nadler’s piece “At What Cost?” (February 23) states that “attempts to remove illegals have diminished the conservative movement.” The piece reflects the false choice often presented to ...
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The Week

‐ An overreaching plan for government-run health care, big ideas from Newt Gingrich, Clinton and Netanyahu preparing to face off in the Middle East, the Dow at 6,700 . . ...
Happy Warrior

U.S., Eh?

Writing about Europe a couple of pages back, I didn’t mention Canada — mainly because Canada isn’t in Europe, although it has a European mien. But, when I do raise ...
The Bent Pin

Land Sakes!

It’s true what they say about ill winds blowing somebody some good. The mortgage meltdown has ripped the halo from homeowners and lifted the crown of thorns that has long ...
The Long View

Larry King Live!

Transcript: March 19, 2010 LARRY KING: From Concord, California! Hello! CALLER: Hi, Larry. I’d just like to say to the family on your show that I thank them for what they’re doing ...
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GAWAIN AND THE GREEN KNIGHT Imagine that huge ogre glaring green Burst in this Christmas, snorting on a charger, Flashing a hatchet, holding a bright sprig Of holly, thundering his cold steel challenge. Comic almost ...