Magazine March 23, 2009, Issue

Great Society II

President Barack Obama speaks to the press during his meeting with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown in the Oval Office of the White House, March 3, 2009. (Jason Reed/Reuters)
With a budget proposal, Obama’s governing philosophy comes fully into view

Pres. Barack Obama, we are told, takes great pride in his facility with the written and spoken word, and perhaps justifiably so. He has, after all, authored two bestselling books (on himself), and is routinely praised by the media for being an exceptional orator.

Indeed, it is this particularly gifted way with words that seems partially to explain the ongoing confusion over his true political identity. It was well known and widely reported prior to the 2008 election that then-Senator Obama had achieved, during his brief time in national office, a more liberal voting record than any of his Democratic colleagues.

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Rocky Ride

The Republicans’ fall from power in Colorado — and how the Democrats hope to replicate it.

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The Week

President Obama announced his plan to withdraw from Iraq. It’s noticeably more reasonable than his rhetoric from the campaign.


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