Magazine March 23, 2009, Issue

Larry King Live!

Larry King on CNN’s Larry King Live, April 26, 2001. (Reuters)

Transcript: March 19, 2010

LARRY KING: From Concord, California! Hello!

CALLER: Hi, Larry. I’d just like to say to the family on your show that I thank them for what they’re doing and hope they can get to a good place, like, um, a joyful place, with their situation.

LARRY KING: Good thought, caller. Well, gang? Can you? Is this a situation where you say, hey, life’s tough but, you know, look what we got? We got each other and that good stuff? Henry?

HENRY PETERSON: Well, yeah, sure, Larry. I mean, we’ve got our health and whatnot. That’s not what this is about.


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