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Worlds Old And New

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Anthony Daniels reviews Last Rites, by John Lukacs (Yale, 208 pp., $25).

John Lukacs is an American historian of Hungarian origin who achieved wide public notice comparatively late in life with books such as Five Days in London: May 1940. In that book he maintained that his hero, Winston Churchill, had saved the world from the utter barbarism of the Nazis by deciding to fight on, when the decision to do so was by no means unanimously approved or a foregone conclusion. There was, of course, a wider historiographical point being made here: that history is not determined by impersonal forces, or by impersonal forces alone, but that the character of prominent …

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Anthony Daniels — Mr. Daniels, a retired doctor who worked in several parts of the world, is the author of Mass Listeria, a book about health scares.

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The Republicans’ fall from power in Colorado — and how the Democrats hope to replicate it.

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The Week

President Obama announced his plan to withdraw from Iraq. It’s noticeably more reasonable than his rhetoric from the campaign.


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