Magazine April 6, 2009, Issue

Black and White and Dead All Over

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The decline of newspapers — and what it portends for conservatives

The American Society of Newspaper Editors canceled its April convention, explaining that “the challenges editors face at their newspapers demand their full attention.”

It seems likely that the event would have proven gloomy. One imagines wooden carts creaking down hotel hallways while hooded figures call “Bring out your dead,” like a scene from the 14th century. But the plague spared 60 to 70 percent of Europe’s population; newspapers would be grateful for that survival rate.

As does much of history, the plague looks different when taken in perspective, which is another way of saying “as long as you weren’t stuck in the middle …

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According to David Rooney’s new guide to Knox’s works, the book Knox wanted on the desert island was a Bradshaw railway schedule, next to the Bible.


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The Week

Somebody should advise the suave diplomats in the Obama administration that the most reassuring symbol of U.S.-Russia relations isn't a big red button.
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Maybe the president can spend enough of our money to halt the degradation of infrastructure. The degradation of citizenship will prove harder to reverse.