Magazine April 6, 2009, Issue

Diplomacy by Bumper Sticker

(Roman Genn)
The Obama administration should reset its Russia policy

Less than two months after his inauguration, President Obama’s Russia policy has gone badly awry. His errors bode poorly for important American interests challenged by Russia, but there are broader implications as well. Many of the Obama administration’s misperceptions and mistakes in the Russian arena reflect pervasive flaws throughout its foreign policy.

The administration’s biggest mistake to date was suggesting that U.S. missile-defense sites in Poland and the Czech Republic might go unbuilt if Russia could deliver an Iran without nuclear weapons. While the letter containing this trial balloon is not public, and both Moscow and Washington deny that it contained

John R. Bolton is a former national-security adviser, a former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, and the author of The Room Where It Happened.

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According to David Rooney’s new guide to Knox’s works, the book Knox wanted on the desert island was a Bradshaw railway schedule, next to the Bible.


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The Week

Somebody should advise the suave diplomats in the Obama administration that the most reassuring symbol of U.S.-Russia relations isn't a big red button.
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Maybe the president can spend enough of our money to halt the degradation of infrastructure. The degradation of citizenship will prove harder to reverse.

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