Magazine April 6, 2009, Issue

Shooting Like a Gentleman

A hunter fires at a pheasant during the Col. Bud Day Pheasant Hunt outside of Akron, Iowa, 2015. (Mark Kauzlarich/Reuters)
John Derbyshire attends his first bird shoot.

The luckiest bird in the world lives in a wood near Reading, Pa. He popped up out of the tall grass 30 yards in front of me. “Popped” isn’t quite right. These were farm-bred pheasants, well-fed and not much keen on flying. They had been scattered around the 40-odd acres of grass early that morning, before we arrived. This particular bird was one of the more energetic ones, though, and he was up above head height before I’d gotten the gun to my shoulder. I fired off a shot, which comprehensively missed. The bird took off to my right. Tracking

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Shelf Life

According to David Rooney’s new guide to Knox’s works, the book Knox wanted on the desert island was a Bradshaw railway schedule, next to the Bible.


The Week

The Week

Somebody should advise the suave diplomats in the Obama administration that the most reassuring symbol of U.S.-Russia relations isn't a big red button.
Happy Warrior

Old School

Maybe the president can spend enough of our money to halt the degradation of infrastructure. The degradation of citizenship will prove harder to reverse.