Magazine April 20, 2009, Issue

Green Bubbles Bursting

Steam rises from a power station behind the Royd Moor Wind Farm in Penistone near Sheffield, northern England, October 19, 2007. (Phil Noble/Reuters)
The delusions of renewables and the realities of nuclear power

With the selling of President Obama’s economic agenda now in full gear, this is a good time to take stock of his energy plans against the background of energy trends worldwide. Alas, even a brief glimpse reveals that Obama’s focus on renewable energy and the introduction of a cap-and-trade regime runs counter to both economic rationality and current energy trends to the point of guaranteeing its inevitable failure, which will result in serious economic harm to the United States.

The president is imposing his green agenda on America, even as the renewable-energy bubbles of the Left are bursting, and the world …

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