Magazine May 4, 2009, Issue

Global Kohordinates

Harold Hongju Koh speaks with Madeleine Albright at an event in Boston, April 6, 2000. (Reuters)
Meet the radical transnationalist preparing to take up residency at State

Pres. George W. Bush ordered a robust government-wide response to the 9/11 attacks, and did so fortified by an authorization for the use of military force approved overwhelmingly by the American people’s elected representatives in both houses of Congress. U.S. military and intelligence forces, together with a coalition of allies, conducted combat operations that devastated al-Qaeda’s capabilities, killing and capturing thousands of enemy operatives. The National Security Agency monitored international enemy communications, including those crossing U.S. borders, to thwart further coordination between al-Qaeda’s overseas leaders and terrorists in the United States. The Justice Department, using enhanced national-security investigative powers enacted

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