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I saw a small boy on a back lot in New York,
Crouched, burning flies alive in a sealed jar
With a magnifying glass he held up high,
Focusing the fire of our companion star.

Dispassionate, like mischievous boys ourselves,
Out in the desert, quarantined, sealed off
From humanity, as if we bore the plague,
Like lepers to the locals, treated rough.

Prometheus pilfered fire from the gods
Hid in a fennel stalk to help mankind;
Which proves the gods at times can be outfoxed
Or even conveniently be stricken blind.

The dawn of a new age or the death of one
– Can blinded prophet or Cassandra tell?
As here we toss this …

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Youngkin Is Right on Masks

Youngkin Is Right on Masks

As many countries now acknowledge, the case for masking children is weak or nonexistent, and no sane person would force kids to wear an N95 mask all day long.