Magazine July 6, 2009, Issue

Fossil Future

(Roman Genn)
New supplies of oil and coal must be part of any rational energy policy

In the Gulf of Mexico –

One of the first things you need to know when visiting an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico is that a hard hat and safety goggles must be worn at all times. Another thing you might like to know is that the strippers on Bourbon Street prefer not to take Diners Club. But even before even that, you need to know how to remove your industrial jumpsuit underwater and turn it into a flotation device. I learned how to do that at a training facility on the outskirts of Houston, at the intersection of

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A reader reacts to Mitch Daniels’s comment on government intervention in the energy market.
The Week

The Week

It took only a few hours for the “Wise Latina” cover of our last issue to be roundly denounced as offensive by lefty bloggers.


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