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Misanthropy on Tour

John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph in Away We Go. (Focus Features)

The aesthetic style associated with Dave Eggers, the memoirist, journalist, novelist, and literary entrepreneur, has always been a slippery thing — instantly recognizable yet somehow difficult to describe. It’s informed not only Eggers’s own writing (he’s most famous for A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, an account of raising his younger brother after their parents’ sudden death) but a larger literary world, which has gathered itself around periodicals like McSweeney’s and The Believer and their various affiliates. In Eggersland, the persistent aspiration seems to be enthusiasm tempered by self-awareness — a style that’s hortatory but self-deprecating, idealistic but non-dogmatic, childlike

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A reader reacts to Mitch Daniels’s comment on government intervention in the energy market.
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The Week

It took only a few hours for the “Wise Latina” cover of our last issue to be roundly denounced as offensive by lefty bloggers.


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