Magazine July 6, 2009, Issue

Adult Western

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a mental movie

When old King Colt still ruled the ribald West
With iron hand: You buttoned up your vest.

Put on your ten-buck hat, strapped on your gun
And stepped out blinking in the point-blank sun.

As you stood still: hip-booted in the heat
Of noon: Not a sound moved along the street.

Except where some crazed flies trapped out of doors
Buzzed in the razor shadows of shut stores.

As you walked warily: The hidden eyed
Felt the oiled weapon slapping at your side.

Just a slight tic, a tremor in your face,
Betrayed you to the lethal …

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A reader reacts to Mitch Daniels's comment on government intervention in the energy market.
The Week

The Week

It took only a few hours for the “Wise Latina” cover of our last issue to be roundly denounced as offensive by lefty bloggers.

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